I recruit, train and coach salespeople for high technology companies.

I help high technology equipment companies build higher performing sales organizations by finding the right people, and training and coaching them to not only sell more effectively, but capture higher prices in the process.

As a former Sales V-P at Applied Materials and Lam Research, I spent much of my time carefully recruiting, training and coaching people in the sales organizations I led.

Now, I help clients like Comet Technologies, Evans Analytical Group and Plasmatreat do the same.

Putting more emphasis on recruiting, training and coaching together produces better sales results. Time and time again, I’ve seen best-fit salespeople, properly trained and coached, produce considerably more revenue and profit than average performers.

Here is a short summary of what I offer and how I might be able to help you:


I’ll work closely with you to define not only the job description, but the results you want from the person you hire. We’ll also determine the qualities you’re looking for in terms of a “best fit” for your company, products, customers and culture. Within 60 days, I’ll find at least one candidate you’ll want to hire.


My training focuses on pricing and selling value, targeting and qualifying the right customers and opportunities, and negotiating more profitable agreements with professional buyers.


I work one-on-one with sales engineers and managers to improve their selling, leadership, and coaching skills.

If what I do is of interest to you, please call me at 650-862-0688.

Don Maher

President, Red Chasm


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