I’m a former marketing and sales executive with Applied Materials and Lam Research. Since 2006, I’ve helped more than 20 high-technology companies as a consultant.

My focus is on solving the key contributors to revenue and profit problems, including:

  1. The inability to clearly explain—in conversations, pitches, and presentations—how your company and products are different and better than those of your competitors.
  2. The inability to effectively justify your prices (because your prices are based on costs instead of customer value).
  3. Developing products and services that aren’t profitable because customers aren’t willing to pay enough money for them, or simply aren’t interested, period.
  4. Wasting time and money by targeting and pursuing the wrong customers and opportunities.
  5. Avoiding critical decisions about company strategy and product positioning.
  6. Putting the wrong people into key marketing and sales positions—or failing to properly train the right people.
  7. A willingness to do everything for fear of missing out, leading to inefficiencies, poor market differentiation and, ironically, less demand overall.
  8. Blindly following every customer demand, regardless of the costs involved in doing so.
  9. Overreliance on a small handful of big customers who call too many of the shots in terms of what you produce and what they’re willing to pay.
  10. Difficulty hiring, developing, and retaining strong performers.
  11. Being a “well-kept secret” in your industry: Potential customers either haven’t heard of you, or have a vague idea but don’t know why they need you.

Resolving these issues can make a massive difference to your revenue and profitability.

If you’re experiencing any of the problems listed above, and are interested in solving them, please get in touch so that we can explore if there’s a fit between what you need and what I can do.

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