Marketing and Sales Executive for High Tech Equipment Companies.

I work with clients on a full or part time basis to develop and implement profitable growth strategies.

As a Sales V-P at Lam Research, I led the teams that captured the first orders at Intel and Texas Instruments in five years.

As Chief Marketing Officer of Applied Materials’ Service division, I led the team that grew installed base systems under service contract from 2,000 to 2,800 in 14 months.

As a Sales V-P at Applied Materials, I led the North American Regional Accounts team that increased revenue from $50M to over $500M in six years.

Working full or part-time, I help my employers and clients:

  • Hire, train and coach marketing and salespeople
  • Develop sales strategy
  • Price products and services
  • Sell more products and services at higher prices
  • Negotiate better contracts with professional buyers

If what I do is of interest to you, please call me at 650-862-0688.

Don Maher

President, Red Chasm


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