This blog is a pitch for my services. If you’ve found my previous blogs helpful, I’d appreciate it if you would read the information below and consider ways in which we might be able to work together.

I’m a marketing and sales consultant who helps high-tech companies increase revenue and profit.

I’ve helped many companies boost their bottom line—including:

  • Comet, where we increased gross margins from under 30% to over 40% in three years
  • Magnetic Solutions, where we tripled the value of the company in three years
  • Plasmatreat, where we tripled revenue in five years

Prior to consulting, I was a marketing and sales VP with Applied Materials and Lam Research.

The Profit Platform

Over my 30 years in industry, I’ve developed a model I call the Profit Platform—to be as profitable as possible, there are three key elements that must be in place and supporting each other:

Pricing: Average companies tally their costs to arrive at a price. Highly profitable companies, on the other hand, quantify the value their customers receive and price their products and services accordingly—leading to much higher prices that customers happily pay.

Pitching: many pitches and presentations are too long and difficult for customers to understand and act on. I help my clients design brief, to-the-point pitches and presentations that get attention and drive action.

People: The best pricing and sales strategy in the world won’t do a thing for you if you don’t have the right people to implement it. I help my clients:

  • Hire talented, best-fit employees
  • Develop compensation plans that deliver results and help retain top performers
  • Design the right sales organizations for their company and products
  • Write better job descriptions, goals and objectives
  • Design the right performance measurement systems

A Unique Focus

My clients find this expertise very valuable. Here’s what one of them has to say

“We have been working with Don for over three years now. In that time, his training and coaching have helped us capture higher prices, higher margins, and higher net profit. Specifically, Don has:

  • Raised staff awareness of what profit is, and how to increase it
  • Showed us new ways to market our products based on improved customer results
  • Created effective marketing collateral and presentations
  • Trained our salespeople in both Asia and the U.S. on how to sell effectively
  • Improved our contract pricing and negotiations

In short, Don has fundamentally changed the conversations we have with customers…we are now more focused on the ways that our customers earn and save money by buying from Comet, and that has made a huge difference to our bottom line.”

– Paul Smith, Sr. Vice President, Global Product Marketing, Comet Technologies

My Services

  • Pricing-$2,500 to price a product or service
  • Pitching-$5,000 to develop a pitch and presentation
  • People-$5,000 to develop and implement a plan to recruit, interview and compensate salespeople, design a sales organization, write job descriptions, and develop goals and objectives
  • Coaching and Training-$2,500 for eight hours of coaching and training
  • The Profit Platform Course-$800 per person

Want to Learn More?

Please give me a call at 650-862-0688 or send me an email at to schedule a no-obligation consultation and see if we might be a good fit to work together.

Don Maher
President, Red Chasm