What We Do

I engage in a recruiting process that has proven successful time and time again:

1. We work together to define, as specifically as possible, the ideal person for your open position. We talk about the accomplishments the ideal candidate should have, the person’s approach to new business development, leadership and management skills, motivation, problem-solving methods, and soft skills. We also discuss any constraints you’re under, such as compensation and timing, and any unique circumstances (good or bad) that would likely affect the recruiting process.

2. We write a job description that specifies the results you expect from the candidate, the experience the candidate must have to be considered, the reasons your company is a desirable “Employer of Choice,” and why your manager (maybe it’s you) is the type of manager people want to work for.

3. I identify, screen, and thoroughly interview candidates.

4. I present only candidates who fit the profile we have developed. That means they’ll have the requisite experience, can do your job and do it well, are motivated for the right reasons, will fit your organization and customers, will view your compensation as attractive, and will almost surely accept the job if offered.

The bottom line is that I have a system – a proven, tested system that consistently and reliably lands the best people in the right jobs. They excel in their work, and because of that, your company excels, landing more business at higher prices.

Doesn’t this sound better than the “post-a-job-and-cross-your-fingers” approach you’ve tried in the past?

Best of all, I offer an iron-clad guarantee: If I don’t find you a suitable candidate within 60 days, I’ll refund your down payment in full.

I charge 15% of the first year’s target compensation, and require a $5,000 down payment prior to starting an assignment.

What if you happen to find the right candidate on your own while we’re working together? That’s great! If that happens, I refund your down payment on a pro-rata basis, depending on how far into the 60 days we’ve gotten. For example you find a candidate on your own 30 days into the assignment, I’ll refund $2,500.

The bottom line is that you need good sales, marketing, business development and product management people, and I know how to get them onboard at your company.

If this sounds interesting, or even potentially so, drop me a line or give me a call. I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about me or my process.

You can reach me at 650-862-0688 or don@mahermarketing.com.

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