Testimonials & Case Studies

Our typical clients are high tech capital equipment and instrument manufacturers, and companies that support them with parts, products, services, and software.

Red Chasm is proud to have partnered with many leading U.S. technology companies and their subsidiaries around the world, including:

  • Applied Materials
  • ASM
  • Asyst
  • Comet Technologies
  • Evans Analytical Group
  • Lam Research
  • Magnetic Solutions
  • Mattson Technologies
  • Owens Design
  • Plasmatreat
  • Xycarb Ceramics

What Our Clients Have to Say.

“Most of our staff have a very technical background and Don was great at connecting with them and quickly developed a good understanding of our business and the issues we face.

Don spent time working with our newly formed commercial team and gave us a solid grounding in how to better position our services in the market and how to best portray the true value that our services provide to our customers.

He also used his business experience to help us develop better approaches to address concerns raised by purchasing and procurement staff during pricing negotiations.

We would highly recommend Don as an excellent trainer and consultant regarding pricing your services

Ian Mowat
Director of Marketing
Evans Analytical Group


“We have been working with Don for over three years now. In that time, his training and coaching have helped us capture higher prices, higher margins, and higher net profit. Specifically, Don has:

  • Raised staff awareness of what profit is, and how to increase it
  • Showed us new ways to market our products based on improved customer results
  • Created effective marketing collateral and presentations
  • Trained our salespeople in both Asia and the U.S. on how to sell effectively
  • Improved our contract pricing and negotiations

In short, Don has fundamentally changed the conversations we have with customers…we are now more focused on the ways that our customers earn and save money by buying from Comet, and that has made a huge difference to our bottom line.”

Paul Smith
Sr. Vice President,
Global Product Marketing
Comet Technologies


“Comet Plasma Control Technologies (PCT) held a global sales meeting in Shanghai during March 2014 immediately following Semicon China in which approximately 30 people participated from three separate Business Units and all major regions of the world. The primary goals of the meeting were to sharpen the team’s focus on achieving our 2014 revenue growth goals, strengthen teamwork and communication across Business Units and Regions, and provide training which included a half-day of Value Selling training delivered by Don Maher of Red Chasm. Don’s training session was thoroughly prepared and expertly delivered. He was a natural choice to conduct this training because of the depth and breadth of his experience in the semiconductor space, and the audience gained many valuable insights into the fundamental elements of value selling in a way that can be practiced in their daily work. Overall, the training was the highest ranked segment of the entire sales meeting and I would strongly recommend Don for this kind of activity.”

Conor O’Mahony
Sales Director
COMET Technologies USA Inc.


“I hired Don to help us in several areas:

  1. Financials:  Improve margins on our RFID products, wafer sorter and Spartan EFEM (Equipment Front End Module). 
  2. Selling capabilities:  Product Management and Business Development team to be able to deal more effectively with objections from all types of customers.
  3. Marketing skills:  Improve product positioning of the Spartan EFEM to attract new customer opportunities.

He worked with a number of people in my group in the above three areas.  Don was brought on during the first fiscal quarter, and by the end of the fiscal year, the results speak for themselves: revenue increased from $115M plan to $125M actual, and margin increased from 40% plan to 42% actual.  With Don’s help, our Product Management team was able to re-think their product strategies and increase the product value to our semiconductor customers.  Even during very competitive times, this resulted in maintaining or increasing our prices as much as 5% which supported the improved margins for the year. 

By providing hands-on coaching to the Product Management and Business Development teams, Don was able to provide techniques to improve our presentations (e.g. more data-supported benefits statements) and selling efforts to a number of customers, including Intel.  I believe this was a contributing factor in Asyst ultimately being awarded an Intel Preferred Quality Supplier Award. 

As part of this open dialogue with the Product Management and Business Development team, Don was also able to get the team to re-examine their current thinking in positioning the Spartan EFEM product.  This resulted in increasing the new design wins from ~1/quarter to ~4/quarter.

Over the seven months Don worked with us he frequently challenged my team and their ideas.  But his willingness to listen and be flexible helped them improve the way Asyst’s Fab Automation products were marketed and sold.”

Grant Imper
Vice President and General Manager
Fab Automation Products Division
Asyst Technologies


Don Maher’s methods for overcoming challenges associated with the high technology, high value sale, have been instrumental in simplifying the complex sales cycle thus improving my customer relationships.  His process is direct and efficient.  He has the ability to ask the right questions to quickly assess inefficiencies and strengths.  And provides recommendations that are focused yet not complicated, and easily incorporated into existing systems without major disruptions.”

Mikki Larner
Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Plasma Technology Systems, LLC
A Plasmatreat company


“Don worked for Lam Research from November 2003 to December 2005 as Vice President of North American Sales and Field Operations. In this role, he reported directly to me. During this time, he led the sales teams that captured a significant order at AMD in Dresden, Germany, and Lam’s first orders in years at Intel and Texas Instruments. He also worked for Lam as a consultant to our service business from January 2006 through September 2006.

Don’s strengths are his leadership, problem solving and communication skills. As a Vice President, he identified people in his organization with the potential to handle more responsibility, and helped develop those people to the point where some of them are now in more senior roles here at Lam. He’s a creative and flexible problem solver who gets to the root of problems and develops strategies for solving them. His communications are always clear, effective and honest.

When Don resigned his vice president position to start his own business, Lam became his first consulting client. His assignment was to help increase revenue and market share in our service business. To accomplish this, he analyzed our customer base, determined which customers were most likely to purchase additional products and services, and developed a plan that led to a significant increase in revenue and market share in the following year.

As both a Lam employee and as a consultant, Don was an asset and a trusted advisor to us and we would hire Red Chasm again if the appropriate need arose.”

Stephen G. Newberry
Chief Executive Officer and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors,
Lam Research Corporation


“Don played a pivotal role in reviewing our growth trajectory, evaluating our value proposition, and spotlighting core issues central to our future success. His deep knowledge of the semiconductor capital equipment sector – plus his personal contacts with vendors, customers, and senior executives – helped us focus on realistic options for building long-term shareholder value.”

Dave Hurley
Magnetic Solutions


Don helped Mattson develop and implement a marketing and sales strategy to grow our global service and spare parts business. Mattson at the time was a $300M global corporation. The strategy included the following:

  • Develop and introduce new service offerings
  • Lower the cost of delivering service to specific customers
  • Raise pricing of several current offerings
  • Provide a process to differentiate our offerings
  • Train the sales force to sell service products
  • Develop an incentive plan to compensate people on new business and the profitability of that business.

Don introduced the strategy to our global team at Mattson’s annual sales meeting. The strategy was then adopted and implemented. During that year, the service business increased revenue by several million dollars and correspondingly contributed to our profitability.

Steve Lanza
Former Senior Vice President & General Manager, Global Business Operations
Mattson Technology Inc.


“I had the pleasure to work on a complex Strategy Development project with Don Maher to try to strengthen and grow Lam Research’s Legacy Service and Systems business in 2006.  Don was the center point for collecting data from our global organization and understanding the historical performance of the critical product lines including Service Labor, Spare Parts, Upgrades and Refurbished Equipment.  Don helped create and drive a differentiated strategy for Lam that changed the way we viewed and approached the valuable Legacy Market.  Based on Don’s work, we rolled out a new global strategy that helped us grow the business by tens of millions of dollars during the very difficult downturn market of 2008.  Don was integral in helping us create a clear picture and vision for these businesses and helping us drive real, productive change at Lam Research.  I would recommend Don to anyone who needs a seasoned industry veteran with the strength and vision to support new directions for their business.”

Jeff Dennis
Managing Director, Customer Service Business Group
Lam Research Corporation


“Don Maher was contracted by Component Distributors to provide sales training on a couple of selected topics, including “Negotiating better agreements with Professionally Trained Buyers”, and “Territory Management”, which included a subset on “How to prepare for a Sales Call”.  During the preparation of the training material, Don was extremely open and flexible in allowing CDI personnel to review and make suggestions, including industry specific examples that made the material pertinent and highly applicable.

The training sessions were extremely professional, well organized, and clearly well thought out.  Numerous questions were asked throughout the presentation, and Don’s answers were always thorough, honest, and often insightful.  Feedback from employees and management was universally positive, many people remarking on how the organization of the material was really helpful in prioritizing long-term strategic objectives while simultaneously working on day-to-day problems and requirements.    The material in Professionally Trained Buyers” especially struck a chord with many of the trainees on real life experiences with buyers they have known.
In summary, I would strongly recommend Don for this type of training to any company wanting to improve its sales force performance and sales process.”

Mark Johnson
Component Distributors, Inc.

Case Studies

Magnetic Solutions LTD

The Situation
Magnetic Solutions LTD (MSL), a Dublin, Ireland-based manufacturer of magnetic annealing equipment, needed to determine how much the company was worth to a prospective acquirer. To accomplish this, we first surveyed a number of executives at companies that may have benefited by purchasing MSL. When the range of estimated prices was too low for MSL, we re-positioned them in order to increase the company’s value.

The Solution
For three years, we collaborated with MSL’s CEO and VP of Operations to develop a unique competitive advantage, increase prices, build a new website, develop new marketing materials, and improve their method for contract negotiations.

The Results
In December 2012, MSL was acquired by Tokyo Electron Europe for more than three times the estimated price in 2009.

Lam Research Corporation

The Situation
Lam Research Corporation, a Fremont, California-based manufacturer of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, wanted to increase market share, profitability, and revenue in its Legacy Service, Spare Parts, Systems and Upgrades business.

The Solution
We performed an extensive customer-by-customer and product-by-product review of the business, which provided the following insights:

  • Prices sometimes varied by a factor of two between similar customers.
  • Customers running the same equipment in the same way were purchasing dramatically different quantities of spare parts.
  • Some customers had stopped buying Lam parts and services altogether.
  • Some customers were receiving free or very low priced services and spare parts, while others were paying much higher prices for the same products.
  • Lam was losing money selling certain parts and services to some customers.
  • Some customers who were buying parts on an emergency down basis were paying discounted prices instead of premiums.
  • Some customers bought knock-off parts and then demanded free warranty service when the parts contributed to problems.

The Results
Through a combination of revised pricing, improved marketing, and enhanced sales training, this line of business added tens of millions of dollars in profitable revenue in 12 months.

Mattson Technology

The Situation
Mattson Technology, based in Fremont, California, builds semiconductor manufacturing equipment used in the fabrication of integrated circuits (ICs or chips). The company needed to develop a growth and profitability improvement strategy for a $40M service and spare parts business. Red Chasm was brought on to develop the strategy, launch it with a presentation to Mattson’s sales force, and assist with implementation.

The Solution
We developed a comprehensive strategy that included:

  • Offering high-value/high-quality/premium-price services that promised specific results for a set fee rather than hourly-based pricing.
  • Devising a sales incentive plan that paid people based not only on new business, but on the profitability of that business.
  • Reviewing the installed base and system performance data to determine which customers had the highest potential for profitability improvement.
  • Identified additional ways to improve profitability by increasing prices and reducing the costs of delivering services.

The Results
The strategy and training plan were presented at the company’s global sales meeting, and subsequently adopted and implemented. The service business saw increased revenue of several million dollars, with a substantial increase in profitability.

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